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Published: Wednesday, 04 November 2009 07:21


2009 National Award winning coin and bullion expert Mike Fuljenz of Beaumont, Texas points out “gold bullion is finding more and more investment demand from new buyers around the world, including “paper gold” investors in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and even by leading hedge fund managers, who wish to diversify into the only asset class that is not determined by federal fiat or the machinations of some Wall Street financial firm.”


Mr. Fuljenz points out that gold is beloved by Indian families, Chinese entrepreneurs and rich Middle Eastern oil magnates. These ancient societies accumulate gold, silver and platinum coins and bullion in both consumer and wholesale markets, as their alternative to a falling paper currency.


Typically Americans are not as accustomed to the give and take of metals markets. Although, gold and rare coins have often been a market-beating investment over the last 40 years, no market goes up forever or on a daily basis. Most investment experts including Fuljenz advise keeping gold coins in reserve for 2-10 years before reselling them. Dealing with a gold dealer that is a Better Business Bureau member in good standing is a good way to better assure satisfactory transactions and reduce the chance of coin scams or frauds leading to lawsuits.