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Published: Wednesday, 04 November 2009 00:00


Are you bothered by phone calls from businesses at all hours? Do you want the businesses to stop calling? Mike Fuljenz, national award winning Beaumont, Texas author, and coin and bullion expert contributor to consumer protection guides, has these suggestions.


First, you can request the callers put you on their internal Do Not Call list.


Next, you can register for the National Do Not Call registry that is handled by the Federal Trade Commission. Check with your State Attorney General about putting your name on your states Do Not Call list if they have one. You might also complain to your local Better Business Bureau as they do a first rate job protecting and assisting consumers from scams or frauds often making the need for lawyers or lawsuits unnecessary.


According to state and national statistics, complaints for unwanted calls are up dramatically since the recession began.


So if you don’t want to reserve your evenings for unwanted calls that disturb everyone from the young to the elderly, follow the simple examples and you should alleviate some of the aggravating calls from phone companies, insurance companies, car warranty companies, coin companies and financial deals that are frauds or scams. Unfortunately, Mike Fuljenz notes “some universally recognized charities, political campaigns and the like are exempt and these steps will not help with those.”


The Direct Marketing Association assigns blame mostly to “bad actors” in the industry.



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