Warning from the Numismatic Crime Information Center: Fraudulent Bullion Purchases

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Published: Thursday, 27 September 2012 00:00
During the past ten days we have received information from dealers receiving request for gold bullion purchases. This activity had slowed for several months but appears to have started up once again.

The suspects are using different names and addresses. They also want to send cashier's checks and the gold sent by express mail. One dealer received a bogus cashier’s check and is out $15,000.

The emails received are written with broken English in the body of the text. Suspects are wanting quick responses, payment via cashier's check and purchase sent express mail. Dealers who have received phone calls have indicated the subjects are of foreign nationality. These are red flags!!

Dealers should use extreme caution and screen thoroughly before completing any transaction.

Doug Davis
Numismatic Crime Information Center